About Us: The Slissie Team

Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Author and Broadcaster, BA.Hons, MA.,MA.,Dip.Psych., Cert.Ed.

"When we are hungry, or are craving snacks (which may be due to psychological issues, such as boredom, as much as physiological appetite), we need to satisfy our sense of taste. The taste (and smell) of food can send messages to the hypothalamus in the brain, so that we are preparing to experience the food itself – it prepares the stomach to receive the food, and gets the gastric juices flowing. If we are wanting to ‘trick’ the stomach (and therefore the brain) into thinking we have satisfied our appetite, quite often people will smell some food and drink water, as way of sending a ‘full’ message to the brain."

"Slissie works in a similar way. The smell (olfactory senses) and taste (tastebuds) combine to trick the brain into thinking that the appetite has been satisfied. In fact, ‘sensory boredom’ can mean you have satisfied the craving for a particular taste and no longer need to pursue it once it is satiated. If you are craving chocolate, and satisfy that craving with the taste and smell, it is then possible to move on, feeling replete."

Corrine is the author of bestselling self-help titles, such as How to Say No and The Mindfulness Journal. Corinne was trained on BBC Woman’s Hour, has been a Big Brother Psychologist, and currently has an item on BBC iWonder on People Pleasing. 

LIZ, the founder of Slim Lizzie Ltd., and the founder of Slissie. As a busy mum working from home Liz was no stranger to the struggles of finding time to successfully lose weight and keep it off.

"I love life and always try to live it to the full, I also love feeling good in my clothes even when I don’t want to dedicate myself to losing weight."

"I invented Slissie to empower women, like me, to take control of how they feel and what they eat without having to constantly diet."

 "I first started using my Slissie prototype with the popular 5:2 diet. In two weeks, I had lost 9lbs and it really wasn’t as hard as dieting had been previously. The most amazing thing was that with Slissie I was able to stay 9lb lighter even after the diet stopped." 

"I realised that Slissie was helping me cut out snacking altogether and that because 1lb of fat equals 3,500 calories, I only had to cut out 500 snack calories a day to lose 1lb a week! I lost another 9lb over the next 2-3 months and saved over £100 too.”

"By cutting my bad snacking habits, my clothes always fit well and I have lots of room left to enjoy special treats whenever I want to. So use Slissie to curb your cravings anytime you fancy eating something you know you shouldn’t. You’ll find it easy to stick to a healthy eating plan, cut the biscuits or simply have one piece of chocolate instead of two." 

Time Snack Calories Cost
11am Cake 250 £3
4pm Biscuits 200 £1
6pm Kids tea left overs 200
8.30pm After dinner treats 200 £2
TOTAL 850 £6
1 Week 3,500cals = 1lb 5,950 £42

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