Featured In The Edinburgh Daily Business Blog

December 01, 2015

Slissie was recently featured in the Edinburgh Daily Business blog as the UK's first electronic slimming aid and habit trainer.

"Mother of two Liz Casely has turned a snacking habit into a business idea and is now using her newly ­launched slimming device to avoid piling on the pounds.

Liz has created the UK’s first electronic slimming aid and habit trainer which helps those tempted by nibbles to cut out snacking and change their eating habits.

She developed the Slissie device when she realised she needed a helping hand to lose weight after having her two children.

A prototype version was created and combined with a calorie controlled diets she lost 18lbs in just over two months. She was inspired to set up her business, Slim Lizzie Ltd, after friends begged her to share her weight loss secrets. 

She said: “Over 100 women have tested Slissie in trials and the results have been fantastic. I’m very excited to be bringing this product to market to help anyone wanting to eat more healthily and make better choices, or for those looking for a willpower boost to help them stick to their chosen weight loss plan.

“Launching Slissie so far has been hard work but extremely rewarding. It has been great to have the support of the Entrepreneurial Spark team to help me on my business journey.

“When I first created Slissie, it made sticking to my weight loss eating plan so much easier as I just didn’t feel hungry. After using Slissie for a few weeks, I started to change my bad habits.

“A year on I only need to use my Slissie occasionally as I have replaced my bad habits with good ones. I’m lighter than I was 20 years ago and feel great.”

You can read the rest of the article here.


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