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August 13, 2015

Emma Ferrier is a work at home mum to three year old Sholto.  The 45 year old shares her Slissie story with us below.


“I got pregnant with my ‘miracle baby’ three years ago aged 42.  At 5ft 10” tall and a comfortable size 14, I had always been active, enjoying walking and running, and ate healthily.  I was happy with my curves and comfortable in my own skin.

“When Sholto came along, everything changed.  As all parents know, a new baby turns your life upside down, and my exercise and healthy eating went out the window.  Within three years I had put on three stone and I was seriously unhappy with my shape.

“I have never been comfortable with calorie-controlled diets.  I love my food and don’t like to feel deprived.  I wanted to cut down my snacking and start making healthier habits for myself, but that can be easier said than done when you’re running after a toddler, a spaniel, and setting up your own business.

“With Slissie, I discovered something that helped me to break my bad habits without making me feel like I was missing out.  I loved that it was small enough and so easy to use that I could carry it around wherever I went.  In the first few months I used my Slissie every time I felt tempted to snack between meals.  The flavours left me feeling satisfied and allowed me the time and distraction I needed to make better choices.  I lost a stone and a half without ever feeling like I had to restrict myself.

“Since then, I have reduced the amount I use my Slissie, but have kept my new healthy habits.  I’m now much more likely to reach for a glass of water than I am for a biscuit or chocolate bar and has changed the way I think about snacking.  I enjoy eating healthily and the way it makes me feel.

“I love the control that Slissie has given me over my bad habits, and the results are fantastic.  I’m happy with my curves and now know I have the tools to effortlessly maintain a healthy, happy weight for my body.”

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