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August 13, 2015

40 year old Ross McAdam from Edinburgh works full time as a programme manager and looks after her two children, aged nine and seven.  Ross shares her Slissie story below.


“Working full time with two school aged children means that my life is always really busy.   Like a lot of women, I’m conscious of maintaining my weight and trying to eat healthily and avoid unnecessary snacking.  I enjoy exercise but it’s not always possible to do it as regularly as I would like with a busy work and home life.

“In the past I’ve tried different calorie controlled diets including shakes and meal plans, however I find that I just don’t always have the time to be preparing special meals and snacks in advance.  This is one of the reasons that Slissie appealed to me as I felt it would be the least invasive to my lifestyle and didn’t have to involve any logging of food or calorie counting.

“When I first used Slissie, I found that always having it with me in the car was a great way to avoid unnecessary snacking, especially after a long day at the office before heading home to make dinner.  Using Slissie helped me to stop thinking about food and made it easier to go straight home and eat a proper dinner rather than stopping at a petrol station for a packet of crisps!

“I have recently started introducing ‘fast days’ into my weekly routine as I had experienced some digestive problems.  I’ve found using my Slissie to curb my hunger on these days to be really helpful and have definitely felt the benefits of cutting down on sugar and gluten.”

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