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August 13, 2015

36 year old Natalie from Bournemouth is a part-time working single mum, managing her job as a youth worker and a part time hair and beauty business around her two boys aged twelve and 7.   Natalie shares her Slissie story below.

“I have always been a pretty healthy eater, and try and get to the gym as much as possible, but sometimes keeping it all on track whilst managing my own business and looking after my two boys means that my healthy habits go right out the window.

“As a smoker, I had really bad experiences of trying to give up and replacing nicotine with food, which ended up with me piling on the pounds.

“When I first tried Slissie, I realised that it was the ideal distraction for me to do whenever I felt like snacking when previously I would have had a cigarette.

“The sweet taste of Slissie was just enough to curb my cravings for a treat, especially after dinner.  I also found that it was great to use when I was on the go to keep me going until I could grab something healthy rather than just opting for a sugary snack.

“Using Slissie when I gave up smoking meant that for the first time I maintained my normal weight, which was such a relief.  I’m now using Slissie to help me lose half a stone that will take me to my ideal weight. 

“Slissie has definitely helped me to think more about what I eat and when I eat it.  Using my Slissie when I feel like a snack buys me some time to make a better choice about what I put in my body.”

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