Low cocktail recipes that are still delicious (and we haven’t taken out the booze!)

September 05, 2017


We all have our favorite cocktails, your go-to on a girls’ night out. And that’s okay. But you don’t want ruin your hard work for a few drinks on a Saturday evening (or Monday night… life’s stressful)! This isn’t as hard as it sounds. So let’s mix it up, Daiquiris, Sex on the Beach (the drink, not the nudity) and Woo Woo’s, we’ve all been there, over drank and overrated.

Everyone always tells you if you want to stop drinking to lose weight, but that’s not going to work long-term. You gotta have some fun. Maybe look at switching up your normal drinks for something different, don’t worry they aren’t boring and tasteless - you may actually be surprised at some of these suggestions! Here we have some easy recipes that you can create at home and get off those Piña Coladas and back to something fresher, tastier and less calorific.

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Low-Cal Cocktail #1: Twist of Vanilla 

A drink that tastes like a birthday cupcake with less than 100cals and is sugar-free – you need to get making this asap! Take one measure of vanilla vodka and a diet ginger ale, a single of this wont see you tipping the scales any time soon. Its sweet taste will leave you feeling 100% satisfied without going over the 100 calorie mark.

Source: Pinterest

 Low-Cal Cocktail #2: Sour Peach  Martini

 Cosmopolitan might be off the menu, but not all martinis are no goes. So why not try a Sour-Peach Martini, with peach sour mix and vodka you have yourself a drink only coming in at 155cals. Add a measure of vodka and peach sour mix with a fruity dressing of your choice (more for your Instagram picture). Tasty and pretty, its one way to see you save 95cals from your normal Cosmo… small changes girls, we got this.

 Low-Cal Cocktail #3: Island Life Mimosa

If you can’t make it to the beach this summer, you can pretend that you have in the garden with your island inspired banana and strawberry mimosa. One measure of banana rum, two measures of sparkling wine, 2 chopped strawberries and a lemon wedge… easy as that! Mix together the rum, ice and fruit before topping with your sparkling wine. You can definitely have more than one with this fruity delight only coming in around 140 calories.











Or why not top your mimosa with some strawberry and rosemary? Source: Pinterest

So there you have it three drinks to replace the old classics. It doesn’t need to stop here; the suggestions are endless, but there are some of our personal favorites that won’t have you shaking up your drinks for more than 3 minutes either.


Willpower and wishes,
The Slissie Team x

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