How to eat out and still lose weight

June 15, 2017

It’s a common misconception that being on a diet means you cant eat out and enjoy the foods you love. We aren’t here to strictly outline what to eat, we just want to help guide you down a better route that cuts out those naughty snacks.

But eating out is a huge budget buster and waistline grower. It just sees your money leave your purse quicker and your meal routine go out the window!

Let’s be serious, we don’t mean that you can’t ever eat out. Girl, you gotta socialise!! But we need to plan ahead and make sure that eating out only happens a set amount of times a week. Let's say twice. Also, it’s 2017 and food is expensive, cook yourself meals and you can do way more with your money!

Meal planners are always a winner, if you make a chart in your house write down the meals you plan to have out that week… then which other ones you will eat in. Don’t over plan you want to have some form of flexibility, but this will help so much when it comes to budgeting money and making sure you aren’t spending it on meals that leave you bloated and unhappy.

Willpower and wishes,

The Slissie Team x

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