But first, let me take a selfie 💁

September 05, 2017

Everyone has trouble with self-confidence sometimes. It’s often a reason why you start a diet, but also could be a reason why you fall off one. But don’t worry – your gals at Slissie suggest that you start with a selfie a day.

“But, why?” We hear you ask, it’s because it only makes sense that there’s nobody better to praise ourselves than us alone! Like we said, a selfie a day is where we get the ball rolling… it will help build your confidence, knowing that it’s okay to take pictures of yourself. This will also encourage you to always smile, and with smiling comes happiness, motivation and dedication.

Also if you take a selfie a day it is much easier to record your progress, you don’t need to be scale obsessed!! Weight loss isn’t everything, if you feel good it’s much more important than what the scales tell you that you weigh. So lets start a new trend, of stopping snacking with your Slissie in hand, using our tips and tricks to a better lifestyle and working as sisters to make this happen.


Willpower and wishes,
The Slissie Team x