Are you stuck in the post-workout snack trap?

April 13, 2017

After resembling a red, sweaty faced tomato following a workout, are you already thinking about that ohhhh so delicious treat you’re entitled to? Let’s not beat around the bush girls, many of us use working out as an excuse to make us feel less guilty about delving into the cookie jar, right? Unfortunately this could be where we’re going wrong (DUM, DUM, DUMMMM).

Here’s why - When searching for the most effective diet to help you squeeze back into those jeans are you bombarded by the “80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise” theory? Don’t stress – if you’re thinking what on earthhhh is this?! We thought the exact same thing at first. The key to shifting those stubborn pounds is ultimately taking in less calories than you burn. So ladies, even if you get your sweat on  – your waist won’t be thanking you if you then think this justifies eating those cheesy chips afterwards.

As much as exercise is a great step in helping us achieve the dress size we want, our diet is even more crucial. To help you feel less tempted to reach for those naughty snacks, (especially after you’ve been working out) detox your kitchen, car and workspace.

By removing the sugary treats from your living space it truly helps them be out of sight, out of mind! This way your workout won't simply become a wasted excuse to gorge but instead help you take steps in the right direction to looking fabulous and feeling healthier. After all, that’s much better that putting in all that hard work on the cross-trainer only to put on more weight during the post-workout-sugar-binge (we know it’s tempting, but think of that summer body!)

So lovelies, lets not torture ourselves by keeping those naughty snacks within arms reach. Detox your way to a healthier you, which will compliment those sweat sessions!

Willpower & wishes,
The Slissie Team x

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