Are we really hungry?

April 06, 2017

We don’t know about you but by 11am, with a cup of tea in hand, our cravings kick in for a morning treat – the biscuit tin is just ohhh so tempting! Then the 3pm munchies come into play… bored at work, we look for a naughty snack. Don’t even get us started on after dinner – as soon as the washing up is finished our heads just have to nose around the cupboard in search of something sweet! Chocolate biscuits – yes please!

Surely we’re not actually hungry that many times throughout the day though – are we?! It’s not our stomach growling which is making us feel the need for that extra snack (it certainly shouldn’t be straight after a meal), but instead it can be our emotional need for some comfort food.

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘emotional eating’… it may bring to mind someone heartbroken cracking into a box of chocolates, with a mound of tissues to hand, engrossed in Bridget Jones. Or, does the image of someone polishing off a packet of Doritos, with a dollop (or two, or three) of dip after just having a bad day spring to mind? But, emotional eating can in fact be much more subtle than that and effect many of us every day.

Let’s face it, we often feel like we need a duvet day and find ourselves craving foods which our waistlines won’t be thanking us for, and this may even be simply due to waking up on the wrong side of the bed... don’t worry, we’ve ALL been there! Who can say no to snuggling down with a furry blanket, candles lit, with Netflix on and a packet of our favourite cookies…

So, how can we (sometimes at least) take control of our feelings and stop using them as an excuse to gorge on those unhealthy snacks? Instead of believing that the cupcake really will turn your bad day around (we can all dream!), turn on your favourite song and dance like nobody’s watching, or simply take your mind off things with a relaxing bath (without the calories)!

So lovely people, together let’s try and stop searching for comfort in the wrong places. Our bingo wings are sure to be grateful!

Willpower & wishes,
The Slissie Team x

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