6 Steps To Cut Down On Sugar

February 01, 2016

Reducing your sugar content can make a world of difference when it comes to healthy eating. Here's some quick tips on how to cut down on sugar without taking the joy out of eating.
Find lower sugar substitutes for your favourite foods

Quite often there can be a big difference in sugar content between brands of the same food. Spending a little time researching and finding the ones that don’t have as much added sugar shaves off a few grams that can make a difference if you’re eating these products daily.

Be mindful of total sugar (especially fructose)

Although fruits and natural sources of sugar have nutritional benefit and are healthy in many respects, they are still sweet and you’re likely to still experience powerful cravings when excessively consuming them. Fructose, which is found in refined sugar and fruit sources, is the addictive part of sugar that we desire the most. To start managing your cravings, be mindful of the total amount of sweet food in your diet (including fruit), the quantities you’re consuming and how often you’re eating it.

Avoid hidden sugar

It goes without saying, avoid sugar that you don’t know you’re eating. Double check sauces, dressings, cereals, soups etc. Look to make your own where you can and cut back on processed foods as much as possible.

One thing a time

When you first start looking to cut back on sugar and you realise you’re eating a lot of it, the whole prospect can be somewhat depressing. Start by making one change at a time, like having a lower-sugar topping for your porridge or making your own salad dressing. Small changes over time are more sustainable than a drastic all-or-nothing approach.

Consider your use of sugar

It’s very common for people to use sugar as a stress-coping mechanism. It’s accessible, cheap, quick and easy. Take note if you’re consuming sugar in response to emotional hunger. Seek to build in other coping mechanisms that don’t involve sweet food e.g yoga or a run, something relaxing like a walk or a simple breathing exercise.

Embrace the savoury foods you love

To avoid the doom and gloom feeling of eating less sugar, embrace your favourite savoury foods in all their forms. Try new combinations of them, be more experimental with foods and try to enjoy the process of finding savoury alternatives that you really get excited about.

Use these helpful tips to see a difference in your long term sugar consumption. Don't forget to use your Slissie when you feel that sugar pang to keep the cravings at bay!

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