4 Foolproof Ways To Stay Healthy After Having A Baby

November 16, 2015

Now that your little one is finally here, all your attention will be on them (and rightly so!). But it’s important to not get caught up with mum duties and neglect to keep yourself feeling great.

You’ll be busy with feeding and nappies, so it’ll be easier to fall into the snack trap. Here’s 4 foolproof ways that I kept myself feeling happy and healthy after having my two boys:

  1. The easiest way to stop the biscuit habit? Don’t start. Plan ahead and make sure that you have healthy meals and snacks to keep you going throughout the day. Prepping your meals for the week will keep you from constantly reaching into the biscuit tin.
  1. Find something to do while breastfeeding. Soon you’ll feel the need to keep occupied, and while the TV and iPad are good in moderation (my littlest one could practically reprogram an iPad at 5 months), it’s important to have quiet time for yourself. Sit back, read an book and relax. You won’t have much silence any more so enjoy it while you can.

  1. If your baby doesn’t settle through the nights, then get a maternity nurse as soon as possible. We had one at two months because if we had waited any longer the task would have become too difficult. We could have managed on our own but it would have taken much longer than the two weeks of magic that was performed!
  1. Start with a Slissie. When you’re ready to lose the excess weight you’ll be in the habit of Slissing instead of biscuiting. Slissie worked wonders for me since it stopped my bad snacking habits and my excess weight began to melt off. Building new good eating habits will mean that you’ll fit back in your old wardrobe and not have to buy new “mum clothes” in a bigger size.


Having a baby is life changing in so many ways. Hopefully these 4 tips will help you get through that transition smoothly!

- Liz x 

Liz Casely is the mother of two boys and an advocate of healthy eating habits. She developed Slissie when she realized she needed a helping hand to lose weight after having her two children. Losing 18lb in two months, she was inspired to share her secrets. You can purchase Slissie here.

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