Slissie’s Guide to Making the Best of Your #GirlsDayOutShow 2015

October 26, 2015

We're so excited for the Girls Day Out Show this week in Liverpool and hope you are too! Here's our guide to making the best of your Girls Day Out weekend.

1. Forget the Piña Coladas, go for a Cosmopolitan instead

Don’t waste your calories on creamy cocktails – go for gin or vodka based ones instead. After one or two, you'll still be feeling energised and fabulous.


2. Don't turn up hungry

It’s easy to forget to eat when you’re having fun! Before you get too hungry and ravage through something unhealthy that will leave you feeling lethargic for the day (we've all been there), make sure you have a healthy meal before you get there or pack it in your handbag to eat on the go.

3. Start the Xmas party diet after the show

See us at the Slissie stand for a free glass of wine and we’ll show you how to cut the booze munchies with our new electronic slimming device and habit trainer. 

We'll even give you the chance try out our new Chocolate flavoured Slissie. Now you can finally have all the delicious chocolate you want without the calories!

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