Simple Rules to Stay on Target

September 01, 2015


Whether you want to lose two pounds,  two stones, or just be a healthier you, follow our three simple rules to stay on track 



Keep a food diary

I know many overweight people who say "I hardly eat a thing". In most cases though they are only telling me about the days when they are good. And let's face it, if you are overweight there are either not enough of these days or the good days aren't good enough! A food diary may sound boring, but it helps you identify your weak spots.  We all have them, but cut one or two out and see what happens. 

Stick with it

If you break your diet, whatever the reason,you shouldn't give up altogether. Any day (or part of day) that you consume fewer 'bad' calories is good for you, so stick to it.

Have a maintenance plan

If you want to do an all out diet, make sure you have a plan for sustaining the weight loss afterwards. Our best tip is to identify your bad habits and swap them for good ones, e.g. swap your 11am latte and a biscuit for an americano with skimmed milk and some rice cakes, popcorn or a piece of fruit.


Keep following our Slissie guide to staying slim for more top tips to help you stay on track.  Good luck!

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