Slissie’s Guide to a Better Breakfast

July 26, 2015

1) Stay Hydrated. A cool glass of water is a great start to the day and can help get your metabolism moving. Grab a glass while you are preparing the kids breakfast or while waiting for the toast to pop.

2) Less is More. Just because the toaster has two slots does not mean that you have to have two slices of toast. Try having just one with something else from our suggestions below

3) Milk Mix. Just because you have always had blue/green milk does not mean that you can’t train your tastebuds to appreciate a less creamy taste. Mix together your chosen milk with skimmed milk, or simply add water to reduce the fat content, with the aim of switching to skimmed in a week or two.

4) Know your Fruits. Are you a banana fan? Think again – bananas have the equivalent of eight spoonfuls of sugar in each. If you are a banana lover just have half and pop the rest in cling film for the next day, or replace with an orange, apple or some berries. Grapefruit is also a great choice and has the benefit of appetite-suppressing qualities as well as being delicious.

5) Choose your Cereal Wisely. Cereal can be a real minefield. We are all taught that it is good for you – but not all cereals are created equally. If you are a Frosties fan try replacing with cornflakes sprinkled with raisins or sultanas to give a sweet taste. Or if that’s too big a step, mix your Frosties and Cornflakes to reduce the sugar content. The same goes for lots of other cereals. Have a think about what you can mix with your favourites to reduce the sugar.

6) Eat Yogurt. Preferably low fat, yogurt is a fabulous slow burner and will keep you going all morning and should prevent you from craving mid-morning snacks. If your tummy is rumbling by 11am try another yogurt to really get you into the habit

After breakfast get going with your day and remember to try and stick to water, juice, tea or coffee until lunchtime. If you are a mid-morning snacker try to stop the habit. Start by cutting down rather than cutting out, and suck on your Slissie to get you through the tricky times.

Slissie helps you to break bad habits and make new good ones, and is there for you when your will-power falters. So let's get habit changing and be lighter, healthier and happier.

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