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What is Slissie and how does it work?

Is it safe?

Can I choose my own flavours?

What are the ingredients in the flavours?

How long does the Starter Kit last?

Can I use Slissie while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Can I use Slissie if I have asthma?

Slissie User Advice

How do I use my Slissie?

My Slissie is not turning on?

My Slissie doesn't appear to be working properly?

Why does my Slissie appear to be leaking?

Are there any side effects caused by Slissie?

I have vapour coming out of my mouth - is that right?

Can I inhale the vapour rather than just suck?

Can I use Slissie while the switch is pressed down?

Why do my tanks say Banana, Coffee and Ginger?

Changing Tanks

How long does a tank last?

How do I change the tank?

Can I change my tanks without having finished the flavour?

I am getting a burnt taste. What does that mean?

Can I just refill the tank myself?

Travelling with Slissie

Can I use Slissie at work or in public places?

How can I travel with my Slissie?


How long does shipping within the UK take?

How long does international shipping take?

I have waited for a week and my Slissie has not arrived.

How much does shipping within the UK cost?

How much does international shipping cost?

Returns and Exchanges

How long do I have to return the Slissie to you?

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