I'm a single mum to two children aged 11 and five, and I also run my own cake business, That Little Cake Boutique. I've lost almost three stone since the beginning of the year. After separating from my son’s father four years ago, the pressure of running my own business, being a single mum to my two young children, alongside the stress of the breakup meant that I began over-eating. I also have a condition called Fibromyalgia which can cause me to suffer severe pain and exhaustion sometimes causing me to use a wheelchair, making regular exercise particularly difficult. These factors meant that I began steadily gaining weight. I had trialled Slissie earlier in 2015, and really liked the product, but wasn’t committed to managing my diet so didn’t lose a huge amount of weight. With both my son and daughter at school however, I found that I had more time to investigate which weight loss method would work for me, and decided on a combination of meal-replacements, supported by my Slissie. At the beginning of 2016, I decided that I was going to take control of my eating habits, so on the 4th January 2016, I embarked on my weight loss plan. With the meal replacements, snacking is limited to only a few 100 calorie snacks a couple of times a week. I quickly realised that using Slissie would help me avoid additional snacking, and help me stick to my plan without feeling unsatisfied. Initially I used my Slissie constantly, relying on it whenever I felt hungry between meals, especially when I was out and about. Since my eating habits have begun to change, I now mainly use my Slissie in that hour after dinner when I previously would have had a dessert or sweet treat, although I always carry it around in my hand bag! I am now 16 weeks in to my plan and have lost at total of two stone 12lbs. I’m on target to reach my goal weight later this summer, and already feel like I have turned my life around. I have more confidence, and enjoy going out with new friends at the weekend, and have even started taking driving lessons. I also run a weight loss group for other mums on Facebook who have been motivated by my own experience, which I find really rewarding. I’m confident that once I reach my goal weight, by sticking with a maintenance plan, supported by my Slissie to avoid any snack traps, my weight loss will be for good.
I'm a very big snacker (usually when I'm bored or working I tend to snack all the time)... I literally mean all day everyday, I'm always eating. I saw an ad on Facebook for Slissie and thought oh what's this? I read a few people's stories/comments & thought wow this is exactly what I need. I ordered it & was so excited for it to arrive (it arrived the next day). I have now been using my wonderful Slissie for one week (not long I know) but... I've not snacked once, which for me is absolutely unbelievable. So I thank you so much Slissie as you have finally kicked my snacking habit right out the door. I will forever have my Slissie in my bag or my hand. I can't believe how good it is! I'm a very satisfied customer. P.s if you're like me & constantly snacking this is the one for you. I'm so glad I found it. THANK YOU SLISSIE!
I realised my chocolate cravings were holding me back from reaching my weight loss goals. Using Slissie, I was able to cut down on chocolate and along with my plan helped me see a huge difference in my body and my skin looks radiant. I get so many compliments on my skin now! Now I feel so confident and I know I'm in control of my chocolate cravings.
While on my Weight Watchers plan, I used Slissie whenver I felt the urge to snack. It helped me to think about what I was eating and consciously make the choice to eat healthier. Ever since my lifestyle shift, the pounds have just melted off and I've honestly never felt better.
Have to just say how fantastic this product is, I started using it a week ago and I haven't had any sugar whatsoever and I've lost 7lbs. Very happy. Feel this will be a life changer.
It's helped me steer clear of the naughties, cut the cravings for sweets and biscuits and has been a life saver! I've lost 11lbs on my slimming world diet too as Slissie has kept me from going over my allowance!
It's helped me curb my snacking and binging on chocolate, crisps and biscuits. It's making me eat healthier snacks instead.
I found Slissie very easy to use and the instructions easy to follow. It took approximately 1 hour to charge it and lasts me atleast a couple of days. It is charged by a USB cable so can just be plugged in to your laptop whilst at work. Slissie doesn't give off any smoke or produce a strong smell which means it doesn't affect people around you and is rather discreet. This means you can use it anywhere without it being a problem. The flavour isn't too strong but really tastes nice. I particularly loved the mint one as it gave me lovely fresh breath and also tasted great. After 2 weeks of using Slissie I have definitely seen a huge decrease in the amount of snacking I have been doing. I don't know if it is the habit of having something in my hand and in my mouth when feeling the need to snack or the actual flavours of the Slissie but I do know it definitely helped! Although I still have 2 weeks left of my challenge I feel this is really helping me and can see me using Slissie a lot in the future. I just wish I had it from the beginning of my 28 day challenge as I just wasn't doing great. I will be doing the 28 day challenge again properly in January so will be using this alongside the challenge to hopefully produce some great results that I can share!
Overall I love my Slissie and I use it on a daily basis. You do need a lot of will power to use this instead of actually heading for the biscuit tin but the range of flavours help! My personal fave flavour had to be Vanilla but I was also loving Mint. I've been using the Vanilla mainly after lunch as a sweet hit when I'm craving something sugary.
A few puffs on my Slissie to avoid that temptation of a sweet treat!
As most will know being a mum can be busy and stressful and is sometimes hard sticking to a "diet" as such. I have a terrible sweet tooth which can be a problem at times! I have to say I'm very very impressed with the results! I decided to join a 28 day challenge at my local gym which consisted of exercising 3 times a week. I was also put on a meal plan to follow. The meal plan was very very basic lots of meat and veg and didn't include anything sweet at all, which was of course very difficult for me with craving sweet things. That's where this magic product came in handy. As soon as I craved something sweet I grabbed my pen and it gave me Instant tasty flavours that I craved! My favourite was the mint flavour and it also kept my breath nice and fresh I am very happy with the results. In 28 days a total of 10lbs was lost and I have also gone down a dress size. I very rarely snacked and found sticking to my diet plan so much easier.
I was so impressed with how quick and easy Slissie was to use, I had it in my handbag so it was always with me throughout the three weeks so whenever I felt like snacking Slissie was there for me. I started with the Mint flavoured tank and I think this was my favourite, the Fruit flavour was nice too but the Mint had a lovely flavour as well as giving you fresh breath at the same time. When I first started using my Slissie I was reaching for it multiple times a day but by the end of the three weeks there was some days that I wasn't reaching for it at all so it really has helped change my eating habits. I used Slissie along with a healthy diet, I was meant to be exercising too but I only managed two or three workouts as I really don't have the time at the moment (I really should make the time though). After the three weeks I had lost 9lbs which I was so pleased with and I've completely changed my behaviours towards food, I haven't been using my Slissie this week but I haven't snacked whatsoever and I feel so much better for it.

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